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Toptracer provides a fun driving range experience for non-golfers!

Toptracer driving range Preston, Lancashire. Fun golf experience for non-golfers, driving range for children

Golf has been a popular sport for centuries, and while it’s traditionally been associated with the elite and wealthy, it’s now more accessible than ever. Toptracer technology is a new and exciting addition to the world of golf, which is perfect for non-golfers who want to have fun and experience something new!

This revolutionary golfing system uses cameras to track the flight of golf balls in real-time. It’s commonly used on professional golf broadcasts to give viewers a better understanding of the shots being played. However, it’s also being increasingly used at driving ranges to provide an interactive experience for golfers of all skill levels.

Toptracer provides a fun and engaging way to learn about golf, while also providing an opportunity to compete with friends or family. It’s the perfect activity for a group of people who are looking for something fun and different to do together. With game modes for children too, it makes for a fun family day out!

In addition to being a fun activity for non-golfers, Toptracer is also great for experienced golfers who want to improve their game. By providing accurate data about their shots, golfers can identify areas where they need to improve and work on their technique.

Overall, Toptracer is a great addition to any driving range, and we’re pleased to have introduced it to our Bluebird Driving Range, offering a fun driving range experience within the Lancashire area. Our new Summer opening hours are now here, allowing you to enjoy Bluebird Golf Centre Monday to Friday; 10am til 9:30pm and 9am til 8pm on Saturday and Sunday’s. There’s no need to book, simply come along and have some fun!

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