Bluebird Golf Centre

Celebrate Women’s Golf Day 2023 with us at Bluebird Golf Centre!

Women's Golf Day 2023 at Bluebird Driving Range, Preston Golf.

Women’s Golf Day 2023 is celebrated on 6th June and here at Bluebird Golf Centre we’ve got a great day planned! This significant event celebrates and promotes the participation of women in the sport of golf. It serves as a fantastic opportunity for women golfers of all skill levels to come together, connect, and enjoy a day dedicated to the game they love. 

Bluebird driving range offers an ideal setting for ladies who are passionate about golf to gather, practice and improve their skills. Here we’ll explore the benefits of our driving range as a haven for women golfers and how it provides the perfect platform to celebrate Women’s Golf Day.

A Welcoming Environment

At Bluebird, we prioritise creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all golfers. We understand that some women may feel hesitant to engage in a traditionally male-dominated sport, however, Bluebird ensures a friendly and supportive atmosphere for all. Whether you are a seasoned golfer or a beginner, our team and fellow golfers will provide encouragement and camaraderie. 

Enhancing Skills and Confidence

At Bluebird Golf Centre we offer an excellent opportunity for women golfers to enhance their skills and boost their confidence. With state-of-the-art Toptracer Technology, golfers can work on their swings, drives and overall technique. We provide a variety of target options and distances to accommodate different skill levels, allowing women to customise their practice sessions to meet their specific needs.

Group Celebrations on Women’s Golf Day

Women’s Golf Day provides the perfect occasion to gather a group of friends who share a love for golf. Invite your girlfriends, co-workers, or fellow golf enthusiasts to celebrate this special day at Bluebird. 

We want women golfers to feel empowered, confident, and supported during their golf journey. To mark this amazing event, on Tuesday 6th June if you visit the range and buy 100 balls, we’ll give you 30 minutes of Toptracer use for FREE. So, come and join us as we celebrate Women’s Golf Day 2023 and let our driving range in the heart of Lancashire be the place where friendships are forged, and golfing dreams are realised!

Whilst visiting the Bluebird, you can also enjoy the wonderful facilities within the grounds of Samlesbury Hall! Enjoy a ladies lunch at the Heritage Café, or indulge in some mouth-watering desserts at Dolly’s Wafflery! 

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